New Jersey student causing trouble, what the school should be doing and why

Columbia Middle School students have been going through a rough time recently. A currently unidentified male student uploaded a video from a school shooting that happened years ago, on the app Vine*. It lead some people to believe it was live footage and some 911 calls were made. The school and police has been “investigating the situation” but it doesn’t seem like the school cares as much as the concerned people. They feel that if it was footage from years ago, that he might have just uploaded it for views and popularity on the app. But that might not totally be the case. Was it a threat? He’s a middle schooler, and just recently made his account. And apparently this boy has been troublesome in the past.

Nobody really knows what the caption was on the post, or what the video was, because either him or Vine took down the video after it was uploaded. Maybe a day or two after. And he didn’t have that many loops* when it was taken down.

Enough about the social media, I want to write this blog about what the school is doing and what has already happened. The school superintendent wrote an apology/update letter to the school website, addressing it to all Columbia students. Saying how she isn’t able to reveal specific details, but only let them know the situation is being taken care of. She voices her concern about rumors, and how the truth about this whole situation can be twisted. In time, everything should be handled. On the news site where I read about this, it said that some students were targeted from the video, and it was to make fun of them. Now that is also a rumor. It is nice to know there wasn’t a school shooting at such a nice middle school, but concerning as to exactly why this student uploaded the video in the first place.


My thoughts go out to Columbia Students, and any citizens affected by this twisted Vine video.


*Vine: A video sharing app, videos can only be 6 seconds long. Used for mostly comedy, and sometimes time lapse photography.
*loops: how many times that certain Vine was watched.r


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